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Influencer Marketing and Its Impact in Marketing The marketing concept of influencer marketing is actually not new in the business. Influencer marketing is a method in which you get the right people to endorse your products or services, and by so doing, your consumer portfolio will expand thereby increasing your sales possibility. This method is based on the old and tested theory that marketing by word of mouth is always the most effective way in letting your potential customers hear and know about your products and services. The traditional way in the past to announce a company, products and services is to use a megaphone, radio and television and so on. The impact of the internet has led the development of a new kind of influencers called the online influencers, and thus marketing has a new method aside from the word of mouth method to make known a company, product or service. You can build a relationship with your potential buyers by using these different online influencers called the social platforms and social media. Your consumer network will be potentially tapped by your company through this influencer marketing. The question then would be how to maximize the return of this kind of marketing strategy.
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There are some activities that would help you maximize the returns of your investment in influencer marketing, and these are what a marketing consultant would advise.
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First is for you to find influencers within your sphere and outside your sphere of market. To cite an example, a furniture company should have its marketing check out interior design blogs, fashion blogs, DIY blogs and also construction blogs to see if these areas will have a need of your furniture. You might want to have big names of influential people, from the movie world or sports and others to be a part of your influencer marketing, but at the same time you would want your potential customers to know first-hand your product or service. Next strategy is to give rewards to your influencers who are the strong players in your social media by giving them the first shot at your new product or exclusivity of a new introduction. Through a way of letting them have a first-hand experience of your product or service, they will in turn give you their feedback and this information can be used in your market introduction all over. Know that people like to feel they have an impact and thus make them feel special. Because then, you can have your influencers posts, or re-tweet about your product or service to a bigger social media hoopla. By making your business relationship a personal one, you will be maximizing your influencer. Having influencers in their terms will give them the push to mention about what you can offer especially they have a grasp of the industry.