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Convention Marketing With Pedicabs

Convention marketing is an effective way of reaching customers in the outdoor environment. Effective convention marketing can be done using the pedicabs. They are perfect for advertising varied products. There is extensive exposure to products to potential clients to the ads Their conversion is greater than one created by either billboard, taxis, buses and banners. This is a great way to take your products to where the crowds are and let them know about it. Compared to TVs, radios, magazines and newspapers, they are cheaper. When you are planning to launch a movie, a song or any other product, this is the way to go.

Many companies have now realized the power of pedicab advertising and are now using it. It has a traceable success rate making it a better advertising tool. It is very easy to launch an upcoming store and product with this strategy. It creates an excitement of your product and buyers will be waiting for its launch. Nothing in marketing can be as interestingly like launching a product which has long been awaited by buyers.

Here are many reasons why you would choose to use pedicab advertising. It is a method which allows you to meet many clients at a lower cost than what you would have to pay using other methods. It brings more traffic to your convention booth centre. It is an effective way to let people know where exactly they will find your products before they enter the exhibit room. Your advert also gets double exposure. It helps to create mobile exposure when the cabs move within the crowds with your ad consciously displayed. The pedicab riders, on the other hand, wears t-shirts and hats that have an advert or company logo on them.

Another benefit is igniting purchase prospects in customers even before they set their foot in the venue. They will be spotting for your position when the step into the venue. A great way to establish connections with clients is to offer free rides. Still, the drivers will help in distribution of flyers, brochures, business cards and other marketing materials. It is a memorable way of advertising since it is fun filled. Pedicab adverting goes beyond the reach of your both,

Among the various options of pedicab adverting is the use of wheel ads. The ads are placed on the 21′ diameter wheel which easily draws notice. This method works greatly in product awareness campaigns. There are other means which is the panel adds including images and texts at the back of the cab. It involves use of colorful visuals that creates highest levels of attraction.

A team of young and energetic individuals helps to do field marketing tasks such as distribution of business labels, flyers, brochures, and samples to the participants and other people near the event.