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The Benefits You can Obtain From Having a Fireplace A structure that can be made from various materials, like metal, stone and bricks which are designed to contain a fire and are commonly built in commercial and residential buildings are called fireplaces. Fireplaces are commonly built in those buildings for the reason that it is being used to promote relaxing ambience to the dwellers, guests and visitors, and can also provide the heat in a specific room. Years ago, the functions of fireplaces is not just to provide heat on a certain area or room within the interior of a building, but it is also being used for heating water for any domestic uses and also for cooking meals. A chimney, which functions by allowing the exhaust to escape outdoors, is typically built together with the fireplace, and it also contains a firebox or a fire pit, which is one of the parts of the fireplace where the fuel is being combusted, and this is in distinction to the other elements of the fireplace systems, which includes hearth, flue, mantelpiece and over door. The other components of a fireplace includes a chimney crane which is used in laundry and kitchen fireplaces, a foundation, a lintel, a lintel bar, overmantel, a damper, a smoke chamber, a throat and a grate. The different types of fireplaces includes the manufactured fireplace or also known as masonry and prefabricated fireplaces which are made with sheet metal fire boxes and can be fueled by the use of biomass, propane fuel sources, natural gas and wood; the electric fireplaces which can be built-in replacements for gas, wood or retrofit and comes with log inserts or electric fireboxes; and the vent less fireplaces which are also known as duct free or room-venting fireplaces, and are mostly fueled liquid propane, bottled gas, natural gas or gel. The various accessories designed to be used for fireplaces includes grates, andirons, fire dogs, pellet baskets, heavy metal firebacks, fireguards, log boxes, and fenders and the other tools of fireplaces which includes shovels, bellows, pokers, tool stands, brushes, and tongs. There are a lot of benefits that can be obtained by the people who owns a fireplace in their homes, and they are basically one of the most favorite amenities that are mostly sought out by the people who are seeking for new dwelling places. The most common benefits of having a fireplace in your buildings includes having cozy fires, warmth when electricity is out, a romantic setting, fire for cooking, cut energy costs, eco-friendly heating and energy independence. In every parts of the world, there are a lot of manufacturing companies and construction companies of fireplaces are available, and the home or building owners who wants to find the best company can look for them through the recommendations of families and friends, newspapers, brochures or flyers and through the use of the internet.

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