VIP Outdoor Media Now Offering Convention Center Sponsorship Opportunities


(San Diego, CA)— VIP Outdoor Media, a premier marketing and advertising firm serving businesses in San Diego, California and beyond, announced the introduction of a unique advertising opportunity for business owners. The company is using their fleet of golf carts and pedicabs to help businesses get maximum exposure for their brand by taking their message beyond the walls of the San Diego Convention Center and into the surrounding area. Those who have been charged with presenting at the Convention Center and would like to learn more about how they can extend the reach of their presentation can get in contact with VIP Outdoor Media at to discuss a customized solution.

“Brands book conferences and appearances at the San Diego Convention Center because they know that it presents an opportunity to expose their products and services to their target audience. What business owners and brand ambassadors may not realize is that there is an opportunity to take their message beyond the stage or vendor booth, and we have made it our mission to facilitate this for them in a way that effectively captures the attention of their audience,” said Ali Horuz of VIP Outdoor Media.

At business owners can view VIP Outdoor Media’s pedicab sponsorship case studies detailing how the company has helped major brands build and engage audiences beyond the Convention Center’s four walls. VIP Outdoor Media’s pedicabs will take any brand’s pitch to the streets, complementing the information they provide onsite and reaffirming the brand’s message.

The company also facilitates an enhanced Convention Center experience, providing field marketing services conducted by a young and enthusiastic team. When a brand sponsors rides, VIP Outdoor Media’s pedicabs wait directly outside the San Diego Convention Center and offer free transportation to all the surrounding hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. Drivers will also distribute flyers, coupons brochures, and other marketing materials, further broadening the brand’s reach and letting the public know what they have to offer.

Horuz went on to say, “In a day and age where consumers are bombarded with advertisements at every turn, business owners need to take advantage of unique opportunities to get in front of their audience. Our services are designed to integrate seamlessly with a brand’s convention appearance, making sure the conversation with their prospects continues well after the presentation. Simply put, our pedicabs engage more people in more places, creating valuable impressions with secondary points of contact that increase a brand’s exposure and their potential to generate sales.”

Business owners who would like more details about the unique San Diego Convention Center sponsorship opportunities VIP Outdoor Media has to offer can visit the company’s website at

About VIP Outdoor Media:

VIP Outdoor Media is one of the most dynamic outdoor media companies in the country. They’ve worked with high-profile clients like ABC, FOX, HP, HBO, Showtime and many others, helping them build their brands and engage their audience like never before. Leveraging our extensive experience and their clients’ unique needs, their team can develop an eye-popping marketing campaign that demands the attention of an audience while providing environmentally friendly transportation and scenic tours. With their own in-house printer and graphics team, VIP Outdoor Media makes any vision a reality while reducing costs and eliminating pricey middlemen.