Tradecraft Coworking Space to Bring Innovation to Construction Industry


DENVER — Tradecraft Industries is the first coworking facility of its kind for the design and construction industry. The 19,000-square-foot Denver construction coworking space contains offices, conference rooms, material and equipment storage, as well as a professional affiliate network for its members. Industry professionals can choose from several different options. Those options include memberships, desks, or offices and incorporate the amenities of the Denver coworking space as each business expands and adjusts to market conditions.

“This concept is very well known in the tech world, but its fundamentals fit perfectly with the construction industry,” commented Bryce Ballew, General Contractor and founder of Tradecraft Industries. “Having multiple trades in one place increases the ‘chance connections’ and industry knowledge that members are exposed to every time they come in. Collaboration and accountability are natural by-products of this environment.”

Founder Bryce Ballew, 34, conceptualized Tradecraft Industries in 2012 when he ventured out on his own as a commercial CM/GC after more than 12 years experience. In the years that followed, coworking spaces and small business incubators became booming business, while the construction industry lacked a progressive approach to supporting and encouraging small business growth and large business innovation.

Ballew partnered with Denver-based Live Forward Ventures to create a viable pathway for design and construction businesses to scale, grow and collaborate rather than operate in the different silos where they currently reside. “Tradecraft Industries has a diverse variety of solutions for businesses of all sizes. From networking and continuing education to mailing addresses and storage, this combines a nuts-and-bolts approach with a C-suite touch,” he noted.

The response to Tradecraft and its progressive approach to business has been overwhelmingly positive. “When you’re doing something this new in an industry, it naturally attracts the right kind of people to build the community we envisioned,” expressed Director of Operations, Sarah Battani. Before the doors have even opened, offices, memberships, and storage units have been reserved. Tradecraft is building a progressive, collaborative community within the trades as well as a professional network that will offer expertise to members.

The building’s details are clearly crafted with members in mind. Utilizing an intentional industrial look with a sleek, modern finish, it gives the ambience of an industrial workshop incorporating a unique contemporary touch. This approach summarizes Tradecraft’s ethos: promote the foundational pillars of the construction industry — integrity, grit, and hard work — while introducing a new flavor of efficiency, networking, and optimized business solutions. The new construction industry coworking space is located at 6145 Broadway in Denver, CO 80216 and will open early in 2017. To schedule a tour and find out more, check out their website at

About Tradecraft Industries:
Tradecraft Industries is your place to scale and grow your design or construction business. With a 19,000-square-foot facility and a wealth of resources for members, Tradecraft is a new and better way to build.