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Three Web Design Trends of 2016 Because we live in a digitized world, more and more business owners and managers are turning their attention to the web to reach customers. This is now the best platform to market your goods and services on, it is also a great tool to build a good reputation. Brand recognition is the thing that most marketers strive for, and it will take more than just a website to achieve this marketing goal. The website for your company should be attractive and unique, but it should also be simple to use and should be geared towards for your intended audience. You will also find more customers will prefer your company if your website is at the top of the search engines. If you do not have a full time web professional working for your company, then you will need to hire a professional to meet the requirements for your website. You should hire someone with years of experience so that you can meet all of your customer’s needs while creating a website to reflect your businesses expectations. There are always updates and changes to the digital world, these are things that will change every year. This article will look at some of the trends that are popular for 2016, all of which you should consider implementing into your website. One of the biggest trend to come about in recent years is having a web site that is long scrolling. Design professionals are opting to make sites that are longer in length then in past years. This trend is aimed at making websites more user friendly, especially as more and more people are browsing the internet via smartphones and tablets. It is easier to navigate websites that are a single page format rather then having a lot of pages with multiple links.
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The absence of huge background images is another trend that you are sure to see moving forward. Designers are trying to make simple yet innovative websites, this means that background images are no longer appealing. Designers are now using multiple small images and information about the company on the website to relate more to the user.
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The final trend that we will discuss is the use of interaction and story telling on your companies website. In order for this to be successful, your designers and your content managers will need to work hand in hand. While your content writers work hard to tell a story about your company, the design will need to be in place so that the viewer is able to read the articles easily. Your website should convey a strong message both in design and written message, if you do not do this you will not sell your goods or services and your investment in a new website will be for nothing.