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What a Roofing Estimate Should Include Having your roof replaced is a kind of job that needs a professional roofing contractor. Unlike replacing one or a couple of roofing shingles or fixing the gutter, a roofing replacement or installation project is large enough that you need an expert to do it. But before you go out there and hire a roofer, the first thing you need to do is obtain a roofing installation or replacement estimate. Literally speaking, the roofing estimate is the proposal given by the roofer to you, detailing the would-be cost of the project. Considering that not all roofers are alike, it means you might get one handwritten estimate with general details and the lack of comprehensive breakdown and another one that’s formally printed in a document with a total breakdown of the expenses. As the homeowner, it is imperative that you know what to look for in a standard roofing estimate, the purpose of which is to make sure you don’t fooled later on by hidden costs and expenses. For every roofer’s bid, there are so many different things that must be put in detail. First of all, general information of the project must be laid out, which typically should include the name of the contractor as well as the start and completion dates. Next, there has to be an explicit mention of the available and/or proposed payment options and terms.
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On the other hand, the cost of labor and materials has to be the most important of all the contents in the roofing estimate. As a matter of fact, it is the original reason why a roofing estimate was invented in the first place. This is also the same information that bad roofers try to deceive homeowners. In most instances, this is the very information that homeowners will base their decision on which roofer to hire.
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But aside from the cost of labor and materials, you also must require that the cost for the permits necessary will be included, as well as the cleanup of the debris thereafter. After the costs, you would want the ideal roofing estimate to contain the more technical information that includes type of underlayment to be used, as well as the flashing, shingle, and ventilation varieties. There’s really no need for you to instantly become a roofing expert, but the reason why this information must be included in the estimate is for you to be able to confirm if the roofer indeed used the same materials they disclosed in the same estimate. Of course, you never should forget about the product and workmanship warranties. This information is quite essential because it provides you the assurance that the job is of high quality. Lastly, be sure you get several estimates from multiple roofing contractors because what you really want is to compare them and find out which is the most reasonable for you. Keep in mind that there’s no way for you to have the opportunity to hire the best roofer if you only accommodate one or two estimates.