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Essential Concepts About Stamped Concrete Stamped concretes are those concretes that looks like bricks, tiles, wood and others with various patterns and textures accompanied in it. You can easily identify them for they are commonly found in sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, patios, and interior flooring. In addition, the versatility of these concretes enables different manufacturers to present several designs. These concretes are also affordable which makes it more enticing to people and so instead using bricks or stones why not use stamped concretes, their stylish at the same time inexpensive. Through this article, you will be able to identify and be oriented in the whole process of making stamped concretes. If a person adheres to the following steps stipulated below then you can expect that the outcomes will be desirable and more people will invest in this kind of concrete. There are other steps incorporated in making these stamped concretes which makes it diverse and different from those other concrete procedures. Base color are first introduce in the procedures. The second step includes the use of pattern in the concrete then another color for to highlight the concrete. In order for this type of concretes to have shape, color and texture, those aforementioned steps must be done. What base colors should you use?
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Oftentimes base color are the main color use in the concrete. When it comes to these colors, there are several variations that you can choose. There are two ways a person can induce the color to the concrete. The first way is through the use of a color hardener. The color hardener are substances that is like a powder wherein one can just sprinkle them directly on the surface of the concrete. You should scatterer those hardener as soon as it floats. The next step would be to soak the concrete in the hardener and move them through the trowel. This method will not cover everything but the good things is the color doesn’t wear easily. The next method is called integrally colored concrete. All the parts in the concrete are all colored through the use of color hardened to the truck. Integrally colored concretes are much better to use if you want to cover the whole concrete however the drawback is the surface strength is not increased.
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Accent Color The use of secondary color or accent color allows the patterns and textures to be clearly seen on the surface of the concrete. Through these colors, the patterns and textures are able to shine and became the main attraction for the people. The color can be apply after the concrete settles. What stamping style should you use? The last procedure is the concrete stamping wherein the patterns and style are now put in place. After applying all the colors, the concrete stamps are now applied on the concrete.