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3 Must-Know Tips for Choosing Solar Panel Contractors Global warming is a very real threat, and there is no one else to blame but us. While industrialization advances, the environment has been forced to take steps back, incurring serious damage and destruction. That’s why it’s important for all of us to do our part in order to restore what was lost and to make our world healthy and green again. To do your part, you should consider switching from your traditional electricity supply to solar power. This can significantly reduce your energy consumption and create a positive impact on the environment. The best way to make sure your solar panels generate maximum power is by hiring professional solar contractors to install them in your home. If you’re hoping to hire solar contractors, be sure to get the right professionals by checking these tips. 1. Check Their Recommendations and Reviews – What guarantee can you get to make sure your solar contractor was able to satisfy past clients? It’s easy for anyone to say that they’re the best in the business, but that’s always easier said than done. Be sure to ask for recommendations from past clients to get a better idea of the kind of service the contractor provides. Find out who they have serviced before and what those people think of the service they got. You can also go online to find reviews about solar contractors to gain insight on firsthand experiences that others had with them. 2. Inquire about Financing Options – In 2012, the cost for residential solar panel installation reached 20,000 USD which isn’t really an amount very many people are able to shell out at just any given time. To improve affordability and accessibility to a larger base of clients, contractors have developed numerous financing options to help make the service easier on the pocket. Before you set out to make a hire, be sure to ask about the financing options they offer to figure out which will suit your budget. Take note that longer terms require higher interest rates. As a general rule, you should go for the shortest loan that you can afford to cut back on the costs.
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3. Ask About Warranties – Although it’s not likely for solar panels to sustain damage, it would be nice to have warranties to cover them anyway just in case. Contractors that offer to cover your solar panels with warranties will make it easier for you to reduce the payments you make in case of repairs. In case your power production falls below the ideal percentage because of installation issues, a workmanship warranty should cover the expense of having the installers come back to resolve the issue.How I Achieved Maximum Success with Options