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Why Custom Homes are Great When we speak of a custom home, we speak of a one-of-a-kind home that is designed for a particular person and for a particular location. The builder may use plans that has been created by an architect or by a professional home designer but he allows the consumers the opportunity to control its layout, lot size and accessibility. If you are deciding on whether to build a new home or buy a readymade house, you need to look at the benefits of both to help you decide on what option is best for you. But before doing that, we need first to differentiate between a project builder and a custom builder. It is essential to understand that “project builders” have set plans and designs which they generally allow only a small margin for change in it. These are for people who do not want designing their own home and they are happy to choose a design from a brochure. Additionally, these project builders have already made home displays in display villages where clients can visit and pick out the units that they find pleasing to them. The project builder gives their client the opportunity to see the end result including quality of finishes and design layout. The “custom builders however do not have specific display homes. Custom builders build according to what you like so you can go around in display homes, the internet, supply shops, bathroom and kitchen showrooms, stone warehouses etc. and choose the things you want to see in your own home.
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What a project builder can do is to rehash some of the set plans that an architect has done without having the architect redo the whole thing so this save money for the client.
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Since a custom builder will build what you want, he has to obtain the architectural and engineering plan. This will be quite expensive because it is tailored to the client’s preferences but the client will have no limitations and can build his house the way he wants to. A custom builder will make you keep the copyright of your own plan which is another benefit if you have your own plan drawn. When you build a new custom home, it takes all of your preferences and matches it to the perfect home plan for you and your family. Building a custom home is much better than buying a readymade home if you are the type of person who would like to see his preferences in his new home. You can make your custom home be as energy efficient as possible. The latest and greatest technologies can be installed in your custom home like home alarms, monitoring capabilities, remote thermostat adjustments, and remote home lighting.