Reputation Mart Launched Addressing Evolving Small Business Marketing Needs


(Toronto, Ontario)– According to the online marketing industry’s latest reports, an estimated 94 percent of consumers base purchasing decisions primarily on peer opinions rather than paid advertising, up almost four percent over last year. This figure spans both B2B and B2C sectors, leading businesses to continue boosting their digital marketing efforts and budgets for the coming year. In light of these ongoing upward trends, Steve Driz, founder of The Driz Group, has launched Reputation Mart, an Ontario-based digital marketing company.

Said Driz, “Reputation Mart offers an array of online services geared toward the growing needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Succeeding in today’s digital landscape requires a well-rounded approach ranging from better understanding the expectations of target audiences to finding just the right balance of organic and pay per click, PPC, publicity. We cover those bases and many more for our clients, helping them surpass their competitors and thrive whether they’re boosting their presences among local consumers or operating on an international level.”

Though expert opinions vary greatly on the overall effectiveness of social marketing, few are able to argue with the current numbers; in fact, Facebook alone holds more than 40 million small business profiles. Of those, only two million invest in paid advertising with the rest gaining free promotion courtesy of shares from fans and followers. Aside from social media, the majority of consumers allow online ratings and reviews to sway their impressions of the companies with which they are considering doing business. This lands online reputation management among the most effective tools in marketing.

Organic search results generated by relevant, well-written and effectively coded content continue to gain speed in the online realm, yet paid advertising remains vital to brand advancement. Actual statistics on the clout of paid avenues varies by product or service and target audience as well as a number of other factors. For this reason, businesses engaging in extensive research prior to launching advertising campaigns fare better in this area of the marketing world.

Concluded Driz, “Paid advertising shouldn’t be ignored: businesses just need to be careful about how they use this particular tool. Consumers, particularly those in the beginning stages of searching for products and services, have grown annoyed with certain marketing ploys, and they’re quick to discount them right off the bat. We’re here to help clients use all the current tools and resources to their utmost advantage while allowing them to exert their authority on their respective industries.”

About Reputation Mart:

Providing a broad range of cutting-edge online marketing solutions tailored to each individual client, Reputation Mart offers small and medium-sized businesses a unique approach to digital brand development and advancement.