Pros and cons on homeschooling

 As Homeschooling has become increasingly accepted and popular, the pros and cons of taking up the responsibility of schooling from the home have become a much discussed topic. Many of the perceived problems of homeschooling are false or blown way out of proportion. As the ranks of the home learning community have grown, an increased awareness and problem solving attitude have addressed and solved most of the main issues. That being said, homeschooling is a huge undertaking and should be seriously studied and considered. What are some of the benefits of keeping children at home to be educated? The following are some of the best reasons:

  • The family unit is strengthened as you not only get educated together, but have fun and develop as a family.
  • No one knows a child like a parent, which means a parent will be the best suited to focus in on the strong suits of the child, helping provide a better learning experience.
  • There is more flexibility in curriculum choices, providing the ability to cover a variety of interesting subjects.
  • More personal interest and familiarity with your children will help with the quick appraisal of strong and weak points.
  • Home learning produces more imaginative and hands-on projects which will help with enjoyment and knowledge retention.
  • Homeschoolers have fewer sick days, so they will be fitter and more clear-headed. Result? More time for learning.
  • Homeschooled children are more likely to build a lifelong passion for education.
  • Children schooled at home actually form stronger social skills, having more maturity and ease of interaction with people of all ages.
  • With the increased attention given to the high level of education achieved by most homeschoolers, colleges are enthusiastically seeking them out for enrollment.
  • Homeschooled kids are more positive, motivated, and better critical thinkers.

Don’t be afraid to take your children’s education and future into your own hands. The “cons” are actually few. The big two are time and fear of the ability to teach. It will be a huge time commitment, period.  As for teaching, relax, parents are natural teachers and children are avid learners. Plus, there is a vast array of resources available for all aspects of homeschooling. From peer support to help with curriculums, it’s all available.

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