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Installing a Solar Energy System in Your Home Converting energy from the sun is a clean, renewable, and economic way to power homes and buildings. Solar energy is great for homeowners, businesses, and property owners since solar energy can readily be converted to either power your home or heat it. An ideal way to maximize your home’s efficiency is to use the two types of energy generator using solar photovoltaic and solar thermal which uses sunlight to heat your home’s water. There is another way to augment you home’s energy efficiency and that is to take a whole house approach in making it efficient as possible. Insulation, sealing, energy efficient lighting fixtures and appliances, passive solar heating and cooling practices like building positional and geographic layouts, are the things that the whole house approach includes. If you are thinking about energy consumption, converting the sun’s energy to electricity is not enough because it is not like the non-renewable energy like fossil fuels, natural gas, and coal which cannot be replace or reused when consumed.
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Solar energy, on the other hand, is renewable energy, and can be renewed if you are consuming less than what your solar set up is generating. Selling your excess energy is the thing to do if you consume less than what you can generate.
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If you have a solar set up in your home, you can avail of rebates and financial assistance from the government. For those who install solar thermal or solar PV systems, they can receive incentives and initiatives like the federal tax credit for residents and businesses. Energy upgrade is another initiative program offering dollar worth of rebates for energy efficiency home including solar thermal and solar PV. So if you would like to install a solar PV or solar thermal system, begin by choosing a licensed residential solar contractor who can lead you through the permit and installation process or apply on your behalf for a city permit. You can also choose to let a licensed residential solar contractor to work on enabling your home to be thoroughly energy efficient to complement with your renewable energy so you can take advantage of governments incentives and initiatives. Financing might be necessary since these solar systems are a big investment, and you should then consider different options. You will completely own the solar system if you purchase it with your own money and pay for the installation also. In the power purchase agreement you simply lease the solar system from the lessor. There is a solar loan for those who lack the capital for a cash purchase but want to maximize the financial benefit so the solar energy system.