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Have a Successful Outdoor Advertising with These Design Tips

The outdoor advertising is a type of visual storytelling. If this is done effectively, then the OOH or out of home as well as DOOH or digital out of home ads can transmute the visual landscapes of a city. An efficient outdoor advertising will grab the attention of the viewers and will create a lasting impression that will definitely make them stay longer after they have walked or drive by the ad.

1. Keep it minimalistic. Take into consideration that less is so much more. It is highly advisable that both of the DOOH and OOH ads are straightforward and concise. If possible, it is important for the design to just concentrate on a single compelling idea and must be composed of three main elements such as a unique and brief line of copy that will highly the products or services you offer especially your company, your company name, logo as well as contact information and lastly a carefully chosen photo or graphics. Here is a tip, keep in mind that rule of 7. Keep a copy length of about 7 words or less and make certain that your ad can be read well and understood in just 7 seconds or less.

2. Present it and don’t just tell it. The viewers will know the ads that present the products or services that are being advertised. Make certain that you take advantage of evocative as well as compelling imageries such as graphics or photos so as to motivate the viewers to recall. If the graphic concept of your outdoor advertisement is based on text, then be certain that you play with the font style, color and size so as to generate a long lasting and encouraging impression on the viewer. Here is a simple tip, the viewer recall is incredibly vital in measuring the effectiveness of DOOH and OOH advertising.

3. Make use of contrasting colors. Keep in mind that the bright and saturated colors are more appropriate for outdoor advertisement designs compared to the low contrast colors. Make use of high contrast colors in order to improve the readability of your entire design at any viewing distance. Bear in mind that particular shades and color combinations will trigger certain emotions or ideas, as a result, be sure to choose your color palette very well to best support your marketed product or services.

4. Bigger is certainly better. The big and bold texts will make it simpler and faster for the viewers to read and fully understand the message you are trying to communicate even from a distance. The huger texts don’t only escalate the readability of the texts, but it also adds force and verve to your message.