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Wedding DJ’s: Things to Consider Before Booking Your DJ One of the most significant occasion in a person’s lifetime is his or her wedding day, and we can help you make it perfect by guiding you of the things you need to take into consideration for your perfect wedding day. Interviewing your prospective wedding DJ is like going on an awkward first date, and it can be confusing and overwhelming at the same time. Of course you don’t want to hire a one-dimensional part-timer, but rather a true performer with extensive experience and variations, one who can perform in front of different and tough audiences. You may ask some questions associated with his previous experiences, the type of business he engaged with, and his primary focus. It is important to know the versatility and expertise of your prospective wedding DJ to prevent issues. Be careful and observant in choosing and beware if a prospective events DJ bad mouths his former clients whether they’re individuals or corporations. You need to take into consideration how your prospective DJ customize music for each wedding couple, and if he is amenable to their suggestions and if he can help with the creation of song list. It is best to find an events DJ who can create a wedding soundtrack for you, basing on your personality, style, taste and your vision as a couple. No matter how short or long your play list is your prospective DJ should gladly accept it. You need to have a full control of the songs and type of music that will be played, and you also need to allocate enough time to work with your prospective DJ to ensure everything goes smoothly for your wedding. You can achieve all of these goals, if you hire a wedding DJ who is a willing to listen and one who is flexible to handle changes and tough decisions. The real challenge for an event DJ is determining the song placement in a wedding event (e.g. bouquet toss and cake-cutting), and how its fits into unique themes. Know what kind of incentives that a prospective DJ does to entice guests to join the dance floor, whether playing a throwback song from the bride’s college days or asking the couple for a good luck dance. You may request to listen to your prospective DJ’s music demos or watch a video of their wedding performances for you to know how your prospective DJ interact or engage with people. Your wedding DJ should know how build up the energy, read the crowd and how to keep it up. An expert and reliable wedding DJ can blend all types of genres to accommodate everyone and keep them energetic on the dance floor, so there isn’t no dull moments.The Path To Finding Better Bands

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