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New Home Construction, Residential Remodeling and Commercial Remodeling Services New home construction or remodeling your home requires a huge investment not only of your money, but also your time, comfort and emotions. Be prepared and know what to expect before starting a reconstruction or remodeling project that will help you prepare for the process surrounding it. One important aspect of home construction and remodeling is scheduling, because it is more than just the start date and end date, because it involves different tasks so proper outlining and timing of each task should be done. Also, you should come up with an agreement with your contractor the rules and procedure of who will be responsible for the daily operations and whom to contact for any questions or problems that may arise, and this usually depending on the structure and the size of the company. Protecting your property must be clearly stated as well, such as dust-containment procedure that needs to be done, and other means to cordon the construction area from the rest of your home, in such a way that it doesn’t hinder your daily activities, movement and invade your privacy. There are also issues with stuff such as furniture, books, vases, drapes as well as wall paintings should be addressed, and it may help removing them from the construction area to prevent being damaged and a source of potential hazards. Communication is very important in any transaction, so you and your contractor should agree for the best method of contacting each other for you to receive updates on the process of construction or remodeling your home. The methods of communication may include daily emails, text messaging, cloud-based scheduling or phone calls. Let your contractor know about the aspects of the project that greatly concerns you because there is always some untoward circumstances or grey area in a project that may prompt immediate change in order. The construction or remodeling job agreement should be indicated in the form of a written contract which includes the scope of work, the price and the work time frames. It is necessary to add additional meetings on top of your regular weekly meetings like scheduling an electrical walk-through to set a day for electricians to set up lights and boxes, tile setting or replacements of wires.
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You should also be aware of the different kinds of documentation or paper works you need to receive when the project is over like copies of inspection reports, mechanical photos before installing insulation, care for tiles, electrical panels and counter tops and others.
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