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Tips on Selecting a Landscaping Designer Opting for a landscaping designer is a vital decision for any homeowner because the right landscaper can transform not only the appearance of the garden but they can create beautiful gardens and in the end increase the value of the home and due to the various landscaping options the homeowner can select the right landscape designer that will change the entire landscape scenery into an extension of the home, the lifestyle and even the personality of the owner. Selecting a landscaping designer will take a bit of research from the homeowner but this will be worthwhile because it will save the client time and money because it is not like shopping for furniture where one has the option of returning of returning furniture to the store but in the case of landscaping once it is done the person cannot return it. In order to get the right landscaping contractor the client needs to be clear on what they want and this can be done by reviewing the portfolios of various landscaping contractors that enables the client to gauge the ability of the landscaping contractor or the client can visit the physical premises of the landscaping contractor and review their portfolio. An vital fact to highlight is that the client also needs to enquire for how long the contractor has been in business because getting a contractor that has enough residential experience and the fact as to whether the portfolio of the contractor contains landscape maintenance, landscape supplies and landscape lighting is a good issue to factor into when selecting a landscaping contractor. The client also needs to find out if the landscaper is licensed because unlicensed landscape companies cannot be held liable for not meeting the standards set by the various licensing boards in each instance of a sub-standard job and hiring an unlicensed company does not give the owner any power to lodge a complaint with the company and thus the homeowner needs to get a landscaping company that not only just fits the budget that they have but one that will meet the quality standards of the project.
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The proof that a landscaper has insurance is pertinent to consider before the project begins because insurance protects the property of the homeowner if there is any damage or catastrophes like fire and the owner should not assume that the landscaper has insurance and they need to clarify. So before giving the landscaping project to a landscaper the owner needs to ensure that they see the insurance policy of the contractor and they need to do their due diligence on the projects and if the landscaper is uninsured and an accident happens then the homeowner will be held liable for the project.9 Lessons Learned: Landscaping