Learning English Essay Writing

Learning to write essays in English in order to face the tasks in college later is now considered to be prevalent among students. Here are some steps with a brief description to learn How To Write Essay in English effectively.


Essay is a kind of short posts that require diverse capabilities of students, such as reading, analysis, comparison and contrast, doing writing a persuasive, concise, clear and easy to understand. To master the capabilities mentioned above, some skills in English need to learn and use, such as vocabulary words to connect the two arguments are contradictory, or expressions are used in a research review.

The purpose of the essay itself is to encourage students to develop ideas and concepts generated itself from the results of their analysis into written form, with some academic referrals. Therefore, the essay form itself basically has a concise explanation, as well as clear objectives and directions will be argument in the essay. Thus, the writing should be structured and plot development should be clear and not out of the topic or purpose of essay writing.

In learning to write essays in English, please note that there are four genres of essay writing in English, namely:

-Expository: Expository is a kind of essay that requires the skills of students to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, develop ideas, and convey an argument that corresponds to the topic in a way that is clear and concise. This can be achieved by doing a variety of comparisons and contrasts of the concept of the topic, also explored in depth definitions and other analysis.

-Descriptive: Deskritip essay requires students to explain something in detail. This form encourages students to think creatively.

-Narative: Essay with a narrative has a groove like a story. Students can experiment more depth and breadth to generate personalized form of writing, and using the philosophy that strengthens the idea.

-Argumentative: Argumentative here demands the ability of students to conduct research and analysis and comprehensive topics in advance. Data obtained for this essay is generally derived from interviews, surveys, observations from the perspective of the different varieties.