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What Is Court Reporting? White technology over the years has progressed, it also helped so many other aspects including in court reporting, it made court reporting progressed in a way that there is now real time court reporting technologies. The days of tirelessly waiting for the stenotype machine to transcribe the desired text you want are now over. Results of these real time court report can now be garnered in so many ways because of the help of technology. People can now view the transcripts in any legal venue. The Advancements – Real Time Court Reporting The basic thing before is still being done by the real time court reporting, they still use the transcript that they get from the stenotype machine, same as usual. The difference now from before is that the machines are now electronic, this means they are all connected and they can work a lot faster compare to the other machines before where some were used manually. This is what they call real time captioning. In an instance the court reported uses the shorthand key combinations. Everything moves in the same motion as the court reporter touches the keyboard, all of the transcripts are being process in real time no matter where or when the participants are, they can see the results as if they were next to the court reporter.
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Advantages of Real Time Court Reporting The advantages real time court reporting brings are so helpful and very straightforward. No more transcript waiting today, what a great advantage! Even if the legal proceedings are still happening, lawyers can make necessary actions. Before it would take a long time to view the information again but today since the information is now stored in computers, there is no problem in reviewing the data without wasting too much time. Information that’s is stored as well as previous discussions can now be searched by using keywords, this can really help a lot for the attorneys. The best thing about this advancement is that it made the job of the attorney a little bit easier by making it faster to get some valuable data and passages to be used as testimonies.
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The best thing is that the live transcript is in the hands of the attorney so if ever he feels the live testimony has no use and no connection to what is registered in the data before, he can impeach it. It is essential for challenging some major points in a current deposition. This can really help in evading some extra expenses as well as time usage, this can be very helpful to avoid any kind of hassle that might occur as well. People who have problem speaking up and sometimes mumble, the onscreen transcription can help record those people so that it will benefit the case.