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Advantages of Wall Coverings A known fact is that wall coverings have a rich history as a popular d?cor item, and they are not an old interior d?cor component that has lost its value with time, but they have many current benefits compared to using plain wallpaper. A known fact is that wall cover designs can be literally anything ranging from stripes, Victoria style murals, flowers to even abstract objects to mention but a few but the list is virtually endless, and the designs are confined only by the imagination of the artist. Some interior decorators even have hand painted customized wallcoverings that can be used as the focal point of the room that in most cases is a painting or statement wall decor that reflects the unique style and flair of the homeowner and not just another standard color. It is worth noting that wall covers can change the visual appeal of the room in so many ways such as being used as an accent wall in the living room or the bedroom or as complete wall coverings that can act as a background to the art on the wall or as art by itself depending on the overall design that the person wants. Wall coverings are not limited by only color or design, and they can be textured and made from various materials like linen, silk, bamboo, or velvet and whether it is textured or just provides an illusion of texture it still adds an element of interest and the unique taste of the homeowner. Under regular usage conditions wall coverings can last five times as long as paint and if the installation is done properly, the wall coverings can retain their original appeal and performance features for more than a decade and can even extend to two and a half decades. At times a painted surface has to be frequently cleaned to maintain its appeal, and the surface will require repainting after every three years and the other good thing with most adhesive paper is that it has an anti-fungicidal agent to prevent the growth of mold and some wallpapers can be applied with a water-based finish which makes them a good option for high traffic areas.
A Beginners Guide To Walls
Some people can disagree on the aesthetic appeal of wall coverings over paint, but a known fact is that over time wallcoverings are an economical choice and despite the fact that they have higher upfront costs compared to paint there are more cost-effective in the long term. Due to the nature of the durability of wall coverings, there will be no extra time or cost needed to keep the wallpaper looking beautiful just like the day that it was applied, and once it is stuck to the wall it is permanent, and they adhere quickly and smoothly on all kinds of walls thus hiding many flaws on the surface.A Beginners Guide To Walls