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Tips on Choosing a Lawn Care Company When the spring season comes most homeowners wonder what to do with their lawn and they struggle with whether to choose a traditional lawn care company, a natural lawn care company, an organic lawn care company or the owner should just buy lawn fertilizer and treat the lawn themselves. A traditional lawn care is a firm that uses a program that utilizes synthetic fertilizers to feed the grass and then uses chemical pesticides to treat insects, weeds, diseases and other issues that come up and it is good to state that these chemical pesticides and fertilizers became popular after the world war two and have been in use ever since so much that they have become the norm. Synthetic fertilizers have water-soluble nutrients that are in a form that the plants can readily absorb and the good thing with a water-soluble fertilizer is that the owner will notice a quick green up after applying the fertilizer but the fertilizer has some drawbacks. One of the downsides is that high doses of the salt can burn up the beneficial soil biology that is vital for healthy plant growth and leads to thatch accumulation and the other drawback is that the nutrients are water-soluble so they are more likely to be washed down the drain and flow into rivers and lakes which leads to nutrient pollution which can lead to harmful algal growth. Some newer synthetic fertilizers have water-soluble nutrients that are covered with plastic that gradually breaks down and then exposes the water-soluble nutrients to the environment that makes the nutrients slow release. The major issue with a synthetic lawn care program is that it includes frequent applications of weed killers and insecticides but not all homeowners are uncomfortable with lawn pesticides then the traditional lawn care program is suitable for them and these programs are very inexpensive and result in a lawn without a lot of weeds because the pesticides uses both pre-emergent weed killers and post-emergent weed killers.
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If the customer opts for a traditional care approach then they need to choose a traditional lawn care approach then it is better to hire a local company that has been certified to apply lawn chemicals and the homeowner will get a more personalized service with a local company as opposed to choosing a national chain. It is also better to have a qualified person come to apply the chemicals correctly unlike applying them by oneself and risking misapplication or even by tracking the chemicals they have used as they walk through as they make the application and back into the house carpet where they could remain active for many years.What Has Changed Recently With Experts?