Distance levels refused by the J&K SSRB for the government posts

Distance Degrees gets a halt in the way of applying,

Countless numbers of candidates in be concerned, stress, plead for justice


The final decision which was taken before in the valley of Kashmir about the review centers of the universities featuring distance education levels has established a pressure complete natural environment in the hundreds of the learners who were pursuing distinctive courses in the universities. On the other hand they got their campus transferred from Kashmir to outside the house of the condition but the recent final decision which was declared by the authorities that the distance education levels other than the IGNOU, DOEACC, MANU, Kashmir University and Jammu University will not be regarded for the recruitment approach by the involved Services Variety Recruiting Boards. There are hundreds of candidates annoyed over the orders as they have concluded their education mostly in the distance mode and that way too from the outside the house the condition.

Distinct courses in Facts Engineering, Management, Tourism and the Hotel Management were the precedence centered courses opted by the learners of the valley in these universities as the reduced charge package and the effortless completion of the levels with out significantly time to invest upon. This sort of final decision has developed an anguish and hatred in the hearts and the minds of the aspirants because of to their non eligibility for the posts which are being advertised.

The regulation bodies framed the policies over which the reaction from the supposed part of the degree holders is complete of anguish and the disappointment as they are unable to think of applying for any write-up advertised by Services Variety Recruiting Board (SSRB).

“I have concluded my write-up graduation in biotechnology and I was pursuing M.Phill in the very same from a college in Chennai by distance mode but when I listened to about the notification which was issued here about the rejection of the distance levels other than the 5 universities, I still left Chennai together with my M.Phill degree as I found it as a time waste to pursue that degree with out getting any price in our valley. It is thoroughly un-understandable that how the government of Jammu &Kashmir can do this sort of issue with out getting any observe of education rate,” reported, Showkat Ahmad, an aspirant from Srinagar.

UGC has time to time advised learners and the dad and mom who go for admissions in distinctive universities by review centers that they ought to verify the UGC web page and the admissions ought to be taken with treatment and complete knowledge about the authorization and the non authorization as there are continue to some of the review centers in the valley which are being run by some individuals with out the authorization and the registration, they deceive the candidates in the title of the universities.

“Even further treatment and verification is needed in the discipline of review centers which do not have any registration until now if they would show any kind of this sort of authorization that is to huge extent a fake and unlawful un-authorization created by them as some of the candidates from the valley are no far more fascinated in the government careers so since of which they select distance education experienced courses so as to get altered in the private sector at earliest but there they come across also an obstacle of very same kind when they are reported to be that the degree is unrecognized,” reported, Ab. Majeed, an educationist.

Nevertheless the distance degree holders are in hope that the limits which have been imposed upon them by the Services Variety Recruiting Board(SSRB), could possibly be revoked in the coming time as the candidates all over the valley are requesting the authorities for getting this sort of choices back again.

Candidates are getting AICTE and DEC recognized levels and are not fraud in any way but the key hindrance which has arrived to their way is the Distance Education. The aspirants from all over the valley are now alleging the authorities of mismanagement of their electric power and place as the government is day by day passing assurances to the individuals that the unemployment rate will be decreased but the unfavorable orders all over again show the failing progress in the valley in spite of the odds which the youth of the valley have to facial area continually because of to the unrest and the cases.  They accuse authorities that in spite of giving aid to the youth of the valley they are trying to mar their upcoming by issuing this sort of profession opposing orders.

Now the learners getting distance mode levels are not with any other selection to get their selves admitted for normal levels if they want to come across any position in the government sector.

Though talking to this journalist, a team of distance degree holders reported that they have been victimized to go through a lot at this critical stage of unemployment as the SSRB is advertising numerous posts at district, divisional and condition cadre stage but we do not have been permitted to take into consideration our levels as eligibility. They additional reported that there is a concern of very same kind that some learners who are of typical academic record from Kashmir get their share in 80’s and 90’s outside the house condition, we appeal that the government ought to also make any provision for this sort of issue also. There are quite a few learners in the valley who are not in a position to go over the share in even 70’s in spite of of the outstanding profession general performance of past. Some independent Regulatory Entire body is the have to have of the time to supervise these concerns so as to make transparency in the functioning of the technique normally the question is usually to the ill management of electric power. These are the concerns which have to have recognition and work to handle at earliest.

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