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Basic Elements of Web Design

Web design is the process of collecting ideas, aesthetically arranging them and implementing the same ideas guided by certain principles to create a website. The design can then be visible on an electronic web page which can be accessed by the end users through the internet with the aid of their browsers. A web designer has to use the things that define a website. These are the elements that make up a web page.

These design elements are always visible on each and every web page and each of their functions is well connected and defined. The following are the basic elements of web design that you need to know of as a web designer:

Layout is this is the way in which the graphics, media and texts are arranged in a certain web page. The main design of the web page is always seen on the layout and this is what is unique to every website. Designers make their web pages look more attractive and impressive by using unique page layouts. When someone visit your web page the layout should be able to tell the message at a glance. On the layout there should be a balance between the consistency, integrity and design.

Color is very important in we design. Color tends to be more of psychological and always carry a lot of information. The success behind a web page depends on the colors used. Make a choice that speaks more. Even though it always depends on the choice of your client, you can always advice them on the best colors to use. The colors that you use in logo design and advertisement should be more pronounced on the web page.

Graphics are unique in each and every website. This includes the logo, photos, clipart and icons. They are used to enhance the web design. When you place you graphics make sure they are meaningful and placed appropriately. Do not pile up graphics and also make sure that you invest in the graphics. It should be professional and that of quality. Your graphics should be easily understood by and kept simple.

The use of different font styles can enhance the web design to make it more attractive. Use simple fonts that can be easily read. The message is always the main agenda of a web a page. If you use fonts that are difficult to read then you will have failed the test of designing a good web page.

Content is an important element in web design. Content is the message of the web page. Websites should have content that speaks the theme and relays the message well. You can enhance your content using visuals and texts. Content should be of a suitable length that can be easily optimized by search engines.