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Facts on Vinyl Siding It is good to note that vinyl siding is the most popular siding material these days but according to the latest statistics a third of all new homes build in the year 2012 used vinyl siding more than any other cladding material and going by the current trends vinyl siding continue to be the leading exterior home design. The truth is that the vinyl siding that is in the market is far different than the first types that came out in the mid-1900s and the advances in manufacturing technology in the last ten years has made great strides in the vinyl production so much that there has been a significant increase in the interest in vinyl all over the country. A known fact is that vinyl offers diversity in beauty because there is a wide selection of vinyl profiles, textures, colors, architectural firms and other accessories and the person can get vinyl siding that can easily mimic the look of many kinds of cladding and architectural accents like stone, wood and slate. There is such a huge selection of colors that have improved color retention and the leading manufacturer has more than 350 vinyl siding colors for color retention. Vinyl sidings have been so designed that they accentuate the best features of any architectural home style so that the homeowner do not have to compromise on the beauty aspect while wanting to improve the curb appeal of their homes. Because of these advancements, the vinyl sidings are being used even in historic home renovations by a majority of historical societies in America due to the vast availability of many period colors, architectural details and the merits of low maintenance. It is good to state that durability is the other advantage of vinyl sidings because they have the ability to withstand winds and resist cold, heat and moisture while still retaining its original appearance and performance capacities over long time periods and they are also able to withstand wind speeds of more than 200 miles per hour and the sidings have been tested to survive even a superstorm sandy. A known fact is that vinyl sides have lifetime warranties on not only the product but also on the installation offered by various vinyl siding makers that are a clear testimony to the confirmed longevity of the vinyl sidings.
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Sustainability is also another advantage of vinyl siding as it is a form of green option and it outperforms most of the other kinds of exterior cladding like brick and it survives all life cycles for economic and environmental performance. It is pertinent to highlight that insulated vinyl siding provides all the durability, beauty and sustainability of vinyl house siding with the added benefit of efficient energy utilization and the added benefit of being able to reduce thermal bridging it makes a home energy efficient.Smart Tips For Uncovering Replacements