Christmas Classroom Activities for Fun and Learning

There are many different Christmas classroom activities that can be used with students in the lead up to Christmas. Many of these are both fun and also educational so that while the children enjoy themselves they will also be learning. The Christmas theme can be used in math activities, writing activities, spelling activities, craft activities and there are also educational Christmas puzzles that can used with students. There are also many educational Christmas games that can be played in the classroom with either small groups or with the whole class.

Christmas Spelling Game

One of the Christmas classroom activities that is sure to be a hit with the kids is the Christmas Spelling Bee Game. Although it might not sound like fun, kids love this fast moving game that has an element of chance to it.

For this Christmas game the children stand in a circle.  The caller gives a word for the children to spell and nominates the person to start.  Children give one letter at a time going in a clockwise direction. The child who is after the person who says the last letter says ‘Jingle Bells’. Then the next child is out and sits down. If a child says a wrong letter, they are out and sit down also. Then the next person must give the correct letter. When the word is completed, the caller then gives the next word and play continues around the circle. The last child standing is the winner. Christmas words can be used for the spelling bee. Here are some words to get you started, stocking, chimney, wreath, carols, elves, merry, holly, presents, Santa, angel, Rudolph, tree, candles, sleigh, and decorations.

Christmas Math Activities

Christmas math activities are also ideal as Christmas classroom activities. A simple Christmas math activity is to draw several Christmas trees on the board and then put the numbers from an addition, subtraction, multiplication or division operation jumbled up in each tree. The pattern for the operation is then written under the tree. If the numbers 2, 4, 6 and 7 are in the tree, the pattern ? X ? = ? ?, would be added under the tree. Children then have to unjumble the numbers in the tree to create a true operation to fit the pattern. The answer for this one would be 6 X 7 = 42. More complex operations can also be used. 
Other Christmas classroom activities include Christmas craft activities where decorations, gifts, cards and wrapping paper can be made.

Christmas Pasta Wreath

A simple but very effective Christmas craft activity is to make a Christmas wreath from a paper plate and different shaped pasta pieces. Cut a hole out of the center of the paper plate and then glue pasta around the wreath shape in a pattern. It won’t look very interesting yet, but spray it with silver or gold spray paint and it will great. It can then have a ribbon tied to the top of it and be hung on a door or wall as a Christmas decoration.

There are loads and loads of Christmas classroom activities than be used to give the kids some fun in the classroom before Christmas. If you choose your activities carefully, then not only will the kids have fun but they will also be learning at the same time.

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