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Beneficial Features Of Hotel Phone Systems Regardless of what business you have, one integral factor for its success is communication. Telephone systems can do different kinds of functions that are known to be a big advantage for a business most especially to those in hospitality industry and hotel business. They are helping to establish better communication with hotel administrators and guests to provide a faster and convenient service. Telephone systems are used both by of small and big hotels and consist of several unique features that help them improve their operations and some of these include:
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Automatic call forwarding – for this feature, it helps to redirect incoming calls to different devices or extensions. The feature can also follow a chain of redirecting the incoming call starting from office extension to extension of the individual who is entrusted with responsibility of taking the call. If you want to, you can modify the chain to suit the hotel’s requirements.
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There are a number of benefits that this feature can provide in reality like never missed important calls, increased rate of incoming calls, customers are attended immediately without letting them to wait for long, calls may be picked up at any location and so forth. Auto attendant – for this feature, it’s used to greet all incoming callers and then connect them to the department required as well as extension by letting them make selections through their keypads. For this feature, it helps actually in reducing the dependency on hotel receptionist to receive calls and forward it. In addition to that, the auto attendant feature can also be combined with a music on hold feature wherein a music is being played when the caller is put on hold. Conference calling – conference is extremely important not just for hotels but for big businesses as well. Through this feature, it makes it possible for the organization to perform audio and video meetings with their business associates and partners that may be located in a different part of the world. By making use of top model hotel phone systems, it makes it possible to have conference calls through different devices similar to a desktop PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet. Call management feature – telephone systems that offer different types of call management feature can also manipulate calls to suit the requirements of a business. Allowing a manager to monitor and listen to calls for purpose of training employees and making sure that they follow protocols when servicing customers, the whisper feature can be used by supervisors as well as managers in prompting employees without the 3rd calling have to hear about it, barge feature lets managers to join the call at any given point in time and many other useful features are some that can be used.