Become a Tutor


One of the benefits of doing well in school is having the knowledge to teach others. While you may not want to formally go into education as a teacher at a school or university, you can make a great living working a tutor. If you have ever wanted to become a tutor but aren’t sure how to go about it, read on.

Asses Your Education

Taking on students as a tutor means that you need to be able to master whatever subject you are teaching. If you are trying to become a tutor, decide what subjects you will be tutoring for. Try to pick the subjects you excel in or know the most about.

While you are assessing your education qualifications, don’t worry if you only have a high school diploma. Tutors need only to graduate high school to be able to tutor professionally. If you do have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, this will allow you to get higher paid jobs and to teach a wider range of subjects.

If you would like to be a tutor in a college or university, getting your own secondary education is a must. Consider this as you choose where to apply for work as a tutor.

Get Certification as a Tutor

As you begin your search for a job, keep in mind that employers will be looking at cv’s as well as certifications. Even if you don’t need a certification at the moment, it is always a great idea to invest in training. When students, parents and employers see that you are a certified tutor, you will be able to charge more and take on more clients.

If you are looking into certification, be sure to only go to a trusted association. Try the American Tutoring Association, the College Reading and Learning Association, the Association for Tutoring Professionals, as well as the National Tutoring Association, amongst others.

Finding a Tutoring Job

When it comes to actually searching for a tutoring job, there are several places to look. Several schools hire tutors to work with students, as do specific tutoring companies like Sylvan Learning. In addition to these kinds of places, you may still want to consider opening your own tutoring service. Tutors that work on their own can often find clients through places like Craigslist as well as their own personal advertising.

Similarly, you can browse the internet for potential tutoring positions. There are several companies all over the world who hire qualified tutors to do both local in-person tutoring as well as virtual tutoring over a website.

Working with Clients

Once you start your tutoring position, you should be all set! The only thing you need to worry about now is keeping your clients and getting new ones. The best way to do this is to do a great job at tutoring and establish positive relationships with the students themselves, and in most cases, their parents.

When students see a turnaround in their performance and have a great relationship with you, they are sure to come back and recommend you to all of their friends. With the right education, certifications, and clients, you’ll become a successful tutor in no time.