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Examining the Relationship between Ethnic and Racial Labeling and Substance Use among Undergraduate Baccalaureate Graduates

Written by Evolution Writer


Substance abuse among youths has been highlighted as a major problem in the United States. A major concern is that there is an increasing problem of substance abuse in learning institutions. Research shows in the country that there is a strong positive association between ethnic backgrounds of students and involvement in substance abuse (Unger et al., 2014).  However, there is a need to conduct further analysis on this issue in further research. It is important for policymakers in the education system to understand the significant causes of substance abuse in higher learning institutions.

As stated by Rosenberg, Groves, and Blankenship (2017), understanding each cause from a single perspective is essential in helping establish solutions to the problem. One of the major causes of substance abuse among graduates in the higher learning institutions has been highlighted as racial profiling and ethnic labeling. As stated by Gibbons et al. (2010) it is important to understand how students of minority backgrounds have survived in higher institutions and whether the existing discrimination changes their behavior. This is critical in helping to explore further whether the change in behavior as a result of ethnic labeling has any relationship with the student’s involvement in substance abuse.

Problem statement

There is a huge gap of knowledge in the research field regarding information about the causes of increasing rates of substance abuse among graduate students. Unger et al. (2009) and Sanders‐Phillips et al. (2014) wrote that substance abuse has increased in higher learning institution but fails to expound on the possible causes of the increase. Research in this field broadens the analysis to evaluate the cause of drug abuse and alcoholism in the higher education system. There is no substantive evidence to help a researcher hypothesize on a specific group such as the Undergraduate Baccalaureate graduates. Research by Rosenberg, Groves, and Blankenship (2017) indicated that substance abuse among the graduates is linked with many causes including influence from the peers, ease of accessibility, and difficulties are learning. However, no adequate data narrows down the analysis to help understand how the issue of racial and ethnic labeling may affect graduates and prompt them to engage in substance abuse.

Research questions and hypothesis

This study hypothesizes that there is a strong relationship between ethnic and racial labeling and increased substance abuse among undergraduate baccalaureate graduates. The research aims at explaining how being profiled ethnically or discriminated racially, causes the graduates to engage in drug abuse. The study purposes to answer the following research questions:

  • To what extent does ethnic profiling negatively affect an individual’s behavior of undergraduate baccalaureate graduates?
  • To what does racial discrimination lead to the isolation and segregation of undergraduate baccalaureate graduates?
  • To what extent does stress related to ethnic profiling and racial discrimination contributes to substance abuse among undergraduate baccalaureate graduates?

By answering these questions, the research will be aiming at understanding how being racially discriminated and profiled can translate to the involvement of graduates in delinquency such as substance abuse.

Literature …

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Importance of Online Writing Companies

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Writing a dissertation or any academic work can be overwhelming and a burden in the last years of study. It is one of the hardest tasks tackled in colleges and universities because it requires a lot of time, discipline, concentration, ability to collect all the information, and dedication. Therefore, to succeed, a student needs to possess all these qualities or else they risk bad grades. On the other hand, the student will require to sacrifice his or her social time and focus on writing the dissertation. Most of the students find it difficult making all these sacrifices and hence end up performing poorly or not even completing their academic papers.

Online writing services come in handy in helping students carry out their academic writing without having to make so much sacrifices. Online writing services are convenient and easily accessible. The service providers are a call away and offer their services round the clock. Additionally, the charges are affordable for most of the students. On the other hand, online writing services have experts in different fields. Depending on the kind of research one wants to undertake, the service providers give the appropriate writers and editors who are knowledgeable in the field under study. These writers and editors have knowledge that goes beyond their academic qualification.

Furthermore, online writing services have readily available proofreading and editing services. They have wide knowledge on the different writing and formatting styles and hence will format the work depending on the rules and regulations provided. Additionally, online writers have tools to check for plagiarism and hence will not offer plagiarised work. Plagiarism is an academic crime that leads to disqualification. Therefore, the writers are keen and put the student’s interests at heart.  Therefore, there are greater advantages of hiring online writing services as the student concentrates on completing other tasks.


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It has always been a nightmare for most students who o find it hard to beat their deadlines and to stay on track with the set timelines for their assignments and projects. Most of the factors that contribute to this include lack of enough time to research, lack of enough research skills, lack of understanding of the topics or the thesis of the assignments. therefore, come at a convenient time to help students to submit their papers in time without being late for penalties.

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Advanced Technology Comes From A Great Education

Welcome to the world of tomorrow. Technology today is so advanced and amazing, it’s difficult to even grasp what is happening all around us. One of the interesting aspects of this wonderful digital revolution is that it was built by incredible people who once went to school as children. The World Wide Web and the internet; computers; laptops; smartphones and many other devices are the result of a great Education.

The astonishing technology that is with us now, that we all seem to be taking for granted, is returning the favor to the very Education systems from which it was born. The students of yesterday have learned. They took the ABC’s and 123’s; Reading, Writing and Arithmetic that was hammered into their little pea brains, and they flourished. Technology has embraced Education all around the world, or perhaps vise-versa, and the results are ground-breaking.

More and more schools and Education systems are utilizing the existing technology of today and adapting it to the time honored methods of teaching for the new generations. The innovations and applications of ClassDojo have set the stage for the future of Education. The merger of technology and Education is more than just a hybrid, it is a promising birth of a new way of teaching, and again, the very people developing this new system and this new technology were little elementary tots like we all were. Imagine what the tots of today will be creating in the future. This binary boom may indeed have increased the speed of evolution itself. Think of that.

Technology is not replacing traditional teaching. Some things in life are simply natural. Teaching our young will always be personal and professional, done by qualified people who love to teach. However, one can’t teach with love alone. Having the right tools for any job is, of course, how things have always been done, and always will be done. The better tools are here now. It has been said that “if you build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door.” the better tools for teaching are now being built and provided to the great teachers of the world, and connectivity is the crux of this brilliant software solution.

A gap has been filled between teacher and parent and student, with software and technology. Again, the very technicians and developers who are providing these digital tools are themselves, fine examples of an Education system that didn’t have such advantages, therefore, it is pretty safe to project that the young students of today are going to benefit in immeasurable ways. It is an exciting time to be an educator.

Though we all only ever learn throughout our lives, in the beginning, young minds need all the help they can get. They are little sponges with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and now a streamlined technology is in the mix, adding focus and connectivity to the entire process. Let the teaching begin.

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