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The Role of Social Signals and Social Proof in Marketing In the past, word of mouth used to be the best way to get your name out there, but it may not take you so far today, as there is only a limited number of people you can reasonably hope to reach. Even though the internet is a great marketing tool, it can be difficult to get people to locate you online. Also, a web page lacks the intimacy of word of mouth marketing. Fortunately, social media acts as a bridge between word of mouth and internet marketing and lets people from different parts of the world recommend you to others. Because there are literally several billions of users on social media; this adds up to a significant number of people. In order for the word to spread and reach these people, you need a catalyst which means somebody has to let others know about your goods or services. The goal of virtually every marketer wishes to become popular and eventually improve sales. In the online marketing world, becoming popular involves building website authority and acquiring social signals. Social signals can be considered as a vote for a website or social media page. If a site has many; then it can be considered to be quality. Social media is rapidly becoming more of a ranking element with Google. Just recently, Google was given access to Twitter data and is now focusing on signals on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn among other social media sites. People tend to trust what others have trusted and more likely to share something that other people have shared. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where individuals look to the opinions of others and additional social signals to help make decisions.
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In the e-commerce world, there are several ways to use social signals and social proof to influence visitors to your site or page. They provide a very persuasive technique used by many marketers when trying to improve sales. What makes the aforementioned technique such an effective marketing strategy is its subtle ability to influence people into makings purchases they may not have made otherwise.
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In the digital world today, social signals and social proof are the variables between more traffic and increased sales. For that reason, it is crucial that you seize on the power that they provide. By increasing your brand’s social signals, you can boost the visibility and online perception of your business tremendously. Also, these can help propel your SEO initiatives on Google and other popular search engines. Therefore, if you are not grasping the art of social proof and social signals, you are not capitalizing off billions of consumers who are looking to make purchase decision from their peer’s views about your brand.