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How to Get a Good Solar Installer Opting for a solar installer can be challenging because whereas solar equipment can be categorized by product specification and financing alternatives have costs and advantages that can be calculated and compared with consistent assumptions solar installation companies with common metrics are hard to find. Among the many solar installers there are also good solar installers that are well trained and have experienced staff and the client can request many multiple quotes from pre-screened solar installers at no cost at all so that they can find a good solar installer. Any worthwhile installer has to have some features such as being having expertise in installing energy systems and there is even a standard that has been set-up by a recognized state body and good solar companies are certified by that board as a way to provide assurance that every solar system that the company sets up is okay and has been verified by an official that has been certified by the body. There are some solar installation companies that have been in the solar business way back before even the regulating body was formed thus they may not be certified but the law requires that installers be certified by demonstrating that they have the right expertise thus the client needs to check the company reviews for certification.
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Solar installers should have all the right business licenses and insurance policies and they vary from state to state and at times from the local jurisdiction and the normal licenses for solar installers include general contract licenses, home performance contractors or home improvement licenses but at the very least installers should have liability insurance. The track record and experience of the company is also another key consideration because the solar industry is an industry that attracts professionals from various backgrounds and many contractors that only focused on specific types of projects are extending their practice area to include solar installations and thus the client should ask the company whether they have ever installed solar panels for anyone else before.
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Solar installation companies from previous clients are good for evaluating insallers but they can at times be misleading since they are published at the choice of the solar company and they may decide to omit some reviews. Apart from customers providing ratings and reviews may not be a good representative of the sample that is relevant to the client and given that most customers that either get a good or bad service do not reviews the companies thus the few that do review the company may provide a biased view but they can still be used to check for bad behaviour.