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Choosing a Good HVAC Contractor Picking a contractor to install your new furnace or central air conditioner can be as crucial a decision as selecting the equipment itself. Besides, installing and maintain the equipment properly is necessary to make it reliable, safe and efficient. Here are very important considerations to make when choosing an HVAC contractor: Personal Recommendations
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If you already know a well-reputed heating and air conditioning contractor, that is a perfect place to start. Otherwise, try asking your friends and relatives for referrals.
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Certifications and Trade Affiliations Top residential contractors are usually members of to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) or the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA). You can check each of their websites to find HVAC service listings in your community. Find contractors whose technicians have North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and/or ENERGY STAR certifications. Job Inspection Be careful with companies that give you a quote on the phone even if they haven’t personally checked out the job at hand. This is a glaring red flag. A good estimator will perform a survey of your home and create a proposal based on a heat/cooling load calculation. They will also ask you to tell them about any heating or cooling problems you’ve experienced with your old equipment, and give simple explanations or solutions. After calculating your heat/cooling load, they will estimate the yearly operating costs for the equipment they are recommending. Several central air conditioners and furnaces are not accurately sized for the homes where they are installed, and this is attributed to improper sizing from years ago and/or improvements to the building’s energy efficiency after the old equipment was installed. Modern HVAC Technology A knowledgeable and up-to-date contractor will never keep you from upgrading to more modern and efficient equipment. Because less-qualified companies usually restrict themselves to old technologies, they will usually discourage you from exploring more current and better designs. Formal Quote A good HVAC company will provide you a written bid or proposal that details the equipment that will be required, the work that must be done, and all the costs to be incurred, including labor. Quote Comparisons When looking for any kind of service, it’s always best to get estimates from different providers so you can compare. Then again, don’t limit yourself to the price when choosing. Better contractors usually charge more, but they offer greater value too. Professionalism Finally, professionalism is a trademark of a good HVAC service. Reputable companies’ staff are made of are workers who are prompt and polite. The manner in which a company treats you today shows how they will treat you when problems come up. They should have a physical facility and be proud to invite you for a visit. An office or shop is a sign that the company has been operating and plans to remain in business.