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How to Select a Good Carpet Cleaning Company Professional carpet cleaning is a huge investment but most people do not realize this till they have to invest new carpets for one’s office or facility and in most cases as a facility manager or the manager of a property is your duty to make sure that the firm gets the most out of that investment which means making sure that the carpet is holding up well and looking good for the next couple of years. This has to do with the traffic that the carpet receives and also how well the carpet is maintained and this boils down to who cleans the carpet and professional carpet cleaning companies can add some years of extra life to the carpet but on the flip side a sub-par company can shave off many years off the carpet which significantly reduces the return on investment. There are guidelines one can follow to get a good commercial cleaning company and one of these factors is the carpet cleaning method because various companies use varying commercial cleaning methods and depending on the carpet that one has the wrong method can damage the carpet. Case and point is whereby a dry powder method that can yellow some carpets whereas extraction that uses a lot of water may lead to a degradation of the carpet’s construction and the bonnet method automatically voids most carpet maker’s warranties. The customer has to keep in mind how the carpet cleaning method will impact on the building such as extraction which takes much longer to dry than other methods may mean that the person will have to keep foot traffic off the carpet for an extended period of time. Carpet cleaning substances are the other issue to consider because there are many kinds of chemicals for cleaning commercial carpets and they all react in various ways to what they meet and using the wrong chemicals for a particular type of carpet can damage the carpet over time. It is vital to state that chemical substances that have optical brighteners or a high alkaline level may eventually lead to fading, discoloration or yellowing thus the person needs to make sure that they know in advance the chemicals that the cleaner will use and they have any potential adverse effects on the long-term life of the carpet. The cleaning expertise is just as important as the equipment used because if the people cleaning the carpet do not have a thorough understanding of how the various chemicals affect the different types of carpet types or how to correctly use the equipment then the carpet will be damaged.Short Course on Experts – What You Should Know

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