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A Guide to Dog Grooming If you want your dog to look good and to be healthy, grooming is very important. Grooming a dog is quite complicated, and if you not ready to do it yourself, you can bring them to a professional dog groomer. Some dogs, large or small, get jittery when they are groomed which is why in your effort to make them look good and handsome, it would end up causing you to injure them, either by cutting, scratching or creating skin irritations on your dog. When you bring your dog to a dog care provider, they follow a procedure similar to medical clinics where they thoroughly inspect the dog first for any ailments before they are groomed. In order to prevent the dog from being edgy and repulsive during the grooming portion, they first treat whatever ailment there are which they will apply antiseptic solutions on.
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Dogs who are not active should have their nails trimmed at least once a month. And this is one of the most dreaded task for most pet owners. Perhaps this fear was caused by an experience in trimming the dog’s nails and cut it too short and blood started flowing out of the toes. This consequently prompted your dog to be traumatize by that experience. The dog and its owners then become apprehensive of this task. A dog groomer however, because of their extensive experience, knows exactly how to make your dog cooperative and cut the nails to the appropriate size.
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Some breeds have a complex way of grooming than others, but every pet have their different needs. Long haired dogs need grooming supplies that are quite different from that used for short haired breeds. Because of their many years of experience grooming different dog breeds, professional pet groomers know what the appropriate supplies to use are in order to achieve the best results. They will know what type of hair brush to use and will give a haircut when needed. Your dog can enjoy a massage done by a professional practitioner who knows your pet’s muscle groups, who knows how to de-stress the pet and stimulate the dog’s circulatory system. And while they are at it, they can also detect early signs of abnormalities such as lumps, skin discoloration, rashes, skin lesions, bald patches, gum discoloration or bleeding, and together with it they will be able to detect early warning signs of illness. And when it comes to parasites, these cannot easily be detected in dogs until it reaches a point where it can already be seen but your dog has already suffered much from it. It must also be well to remember that there are parasites that are either on your dog’s coat and mites in their ear that may not be visible for you.