12 Therapeutic Benefits of Creative Writing

You may have heard about the bibliotherapy; that is on the therapeutic effects of certain books to read. Popularly, it was reportedly possible to learn even the bad books, but there is much truth in this statement? In any case, today do not want to focus on the benefits of reading but the therapeutic benefits of creative writing.

It has said that writing for about 20 minutes a day offers a number of distinct advantages, even used in psychological therapies group. Here in this article, I am going to show you some of these benefits…


  • Promotes our creativity: Alone with blank paper, there are no limits to create unless you choose to put.
  • The order and clarity to our thoughts: You have to make you understand your writing, so the first thing you have to be understood yourself.
  • It gives us an opportunity to have more abstract and complex ideas: If, besides a writer, you are someone who reads a lot, always have more likely to talk about issues that go beyond the here and now. Our ability to make hypotheses and theories demonstrates our intelligence.
  • We “force” to strengthen our imagination: This is obvious! Our ideas make progress, give them continuity, create passages, arguments and strive to make everything fit is a good mental gymnastics.
  • Helps enrich our vocabulary: How you express your ideas, your thoughts… Obviously through your vocabulary, right. If you do well from the mouth of your characters, you will have to adapt to their personality and their way of speaking, and this requires that you have a superior arsenal of words and can use it when necessary. The search for new concepts is also a search for additional words.
  • Improving our memory: Remember what you have written in your last session. Whether it is large paragraph, take them up again during the next session and make your story progresses, it will help keep your mind agile.
  • It becomes more resolute: If you are able to define and analyze in writing the components problem, at least you will have a better theoretical basis to deal with it in reality or you can take some professional essay writing help to increase your writing skill.
  • Power our critical capacity: Face a situation from multiple perspectives helps you do all sorts of questions and turn that you try to come up as many solutions.
  • Have different effects: Liberal feelings, traumas, inner demons…
  • Improving our mood: Remember when, after review and modify thousand times your manuscript, you thought: “What has been good to me.” At least, it improves our self-esteem.
  • It helps us to empathize: Having to make characters, we have to put ourselves in someone else’s skin and, ultimately, to demonstrate more empathy with certain personality types or certain attitudes. Naturally, empathize does not mean we think like our personalities, but simply to understand its idiosyncrasy.
  • Improving our ability to express ourselves: If you are utilized to sort out your ideas, this must necessarily affect your ability to express yourself accurately.

It is also suggested that writing a few minutes before bedtime promotes sleep. Do you agree? So far, hats off for those writers who have the habit of writing to stay until dawn. In fact, night silence helps various authors to concentrate. The bohemian writer ‘manual’ has always been a night owl writer, do not you reckon?

In the end, having seen, human beings are a wealth of experience; these define us depends on how we manage our emotions about them. This is where language comes into action, and above all, writing and the ability to shape these experiences, both our own and others. In addition, along the way, our mentality is transformed and becomes more interesting. Do you agree?