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By | August 1, 2016

Web Design Trends for 2016 Now that we are a decade and a half into the 21st, we can see that the internet is possibly the biggest influence on technology to date; some may argue that it is the largest invention in the history of this earth. The industries that are associated with the web have grown by leaps and bounds. The growth of the internet has also seen a growth in creativity with web design, the web is now one of the greatest platforms to showcase ones creativity. Looking at it in this light, it is easy to understand why there are so many web design firms around the world. 2016 has brought about its own design trends and philosophies, this article will look at some of those digital trends that are now popular all over the web. A big trend for 2016 is bold color and bold patterns. To understand this better you can look at some of the biggest websites and brands from around the internet, most of these sites will be boulder and more colorful then they were in years past. Along with bold colors you will get more contrast on a website, instead of using simple color schemes, you will want to look at bolder color patterns. The next trend we will look at is something that was invented by Google in 2014, it is material design language. This is no longer just used for smartphones, it is progressing to be used by a lot of websites for all different mobile devices. This is one trend that will continue to happen into the future, no mater what styles or patterns you decide to use for your website.
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Another trend that has been around for a couple of years but is getting more notice in 2016 deals with notifications and personalization. Many different websites, both large and small, incorporate push notification to better serve their customers. Some companies that are taking advantage of this is retail companies that can promote their products and sales, news sites also use this to their advantage to reach their customers with breaking news even if they are not looking for it. Personalization comes into play with this as well, this allows customers to pick and choose which updates they would like to receive.
The Beginner’s Guide to Tips
The trends covered in this article are meant to give you an idea of what is happening in the online marketing community. You should remember one key to all artistic expression, that is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; this is the same for your website. If you are not a marketing specialist then you should speak with a web design firm to get a better understanding of what you can do to help your website.