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By | February 3, 2017

Tips for Custom Log Homes Having custom log home ideas can prove to be very essential especially for those who desire to have log homes. One can be prepared for such a project simply by making a scrapbook full of ideas and plans that they are intending to use during the building of the log home. One should ensure that they have picked out the style for the log home they desire. There are manufactured as well as handcrafted home styles that one can choose depending on their taste or preference. Logs are usually designed into desired shapes and uniform logs made without taper when it comes to manufactured log homes. Custom log home designs making use of manufactured logs usually vary in terms of appearance as well as shape. These logs look different since they are made using varying shapes and corners. In handcrafted log home designs, handcrafters usually strip the barks on the logs completely. They will make use of their set of tools and various skills in order to make the logs fit into place. This type of design however tends to be very labor intensive and time consuming as the process takes longer. There are also many costs incurred in this kind of home log design since a lot of manual work is involved. In this method, the handcrafter tries to maintain the tree’s original shape by trimming and shaping it for a specific location on the log shell. Once these logs are designed, they are then assembled and shipped to the construction site. Those who want log homes should be able to visualize the kind of home they want. In order to visualize the traffic flow in your home, one can use the desired floor plans. In most cases, one doesn’t change everything as they need to retain some things that they love about their old home. Some people change their kitchen floor space in order to make it more efficient during preparation of meals. One can walk into each room and feel how its location seems in relation to other rooms.
Getting Down To Basics with Designs
All log home owners should pay close attention to the orientation and layout of their homes. One should locate the rooms accordingly such as letting the bedroom face the north side and the kitchen the east for the purpose of sunrise. In order to increase the level of comfort in the log home you have built, one should include natural light and home orientation. Those people who view log home plans are able to gain more understanding about the designs.
Getting Down To Basics with Designs
By going on the internet, one can get a wide range of ideas that might be interesting. New and creative designs can be achieved simply by one reviewing new design plans for their custom log homes. One doesn’t have to start from scratch when looking for design plans as they can use designs that have been manipulated already.