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By | February 1, 2017

Considerations for Choosing a Dentist When selecting a new dentist, you have to consider a number of factors. A chief concern is whether you are searching for a general dentist for continuous care and maintenance or a specialist who can give you a specific treatment. Aside from this, here are several other factors you should look into: Training Find out the extent of training and clinical experience your prospective dentist has, especially on special procedures. Not all dentists, for example, are trained to provide the entire array of cosmetic or restorative procedures, and will probably even refer certain cases to their colleagues.
What You Should Know About Services This Year
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What You Should Know About Services This Year
If you’re thinking of a particular treatment or product brand, you need to ask whether or not the dentist is qualified to perform it. For instance, even if you see an Invisalign sticker or poster in a clinic, that doesn’t mean the dentist is automatically Invisalign-certified. Emergency Care Another key consideration to make when selecting a dentist is whether or not they offer emergency services, as when there are problems with your restorations or when you experience oral trauma. Take note that some dentists will be very flexible, allowing you to set evening or weekend appointments, but others won’t be. Before & After Photo Gallery Dentists usually have a gallery of photos of previous cases they’ve worked on with different patients. Certainly, this is very helpful, especially if you seek cosmetic treatment. Dental Technology Certain dentists don’t like investing time and money into getting new equipment, such as lasers, CAM/CAD machines and the like. While these technologies do not automatically improve treatment outcome, they can have a positive effect on other aspects of patient experience, like reducing the length of a procedure or the number of required visits to complete it. Referrals General dentists usually refer difficult cosmetic or restorative cases to other dentists if they know they are not adequately equipped to provide particular treatments. If you don’t easily become comfortable with a new dentist, ask questions early in the referral process. Patient Relaxation Treats If dental anxiety is a problem for you, find a dentist who offers patient comforts. Besides nitrous oxide and premedication, some clinics also offer aromatherapy, massage, headphones, etc. On your initial consultation, don’t be afraid to ask what patient comforts they provide. If none, then it could actually be a problem. Dental anxiety always is, if you have it. Cost The cost of dental care varies from case to case and from dentist to dentist. A city dentist, for instance, may charge up to a fourth more than what a town dentist would for the same treatment. Obviously, a dental practice would be more expensive to operate in a big metro, and patients will pay part of those costs. Before you choose anyone, be sure to get two or three estimates from different dentists and compare.