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By | January 27, 2017

Hypnotherapy 101: Understanding the Medical Benefits of Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is an alternative treatment method that uses guided relaxation, focused attention and intense concentration in order to achieve trance or heightened state of awareness. It creates a subconscious change in a patient’s thoughts, responses, attitudes, behavior and feelings, and anything around the patient is temporarily ignored or blocked out. Hypnosis can be used in two ways namely suggestion therapy and analysis, and it gives people a different perception of pain, fear and anxiety. Suggestion therapy is used to enable the person to respond properly to suggestions, so it is used to manage certain behaviors such as nail-biting and quitting smoking. In analysis approach, it uses the state of relaxation to explore the psychological root cause of a symptom or disorder, such as in a traumatic event that a person has been hiding in his or her unconscious memory, and once it is revealed, it can be addressed by psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy allows the person to be more open to suggestions and discussion, thus can improve the other treatments for many conditions such as anxiety, phobias, fears, sleep disorders, depression, stress, post-traumatic distress disorder, and grief and loss. Quitting smoking is really a challenge to a lot of people, but it has many harmful effects on one’s health, so it is important to quit smoking as soon as possible. Smoking is the leading cause of cancer, increasing one’s risk for heart attacks, strokes, lung disease, bone fractures and cataracts. In hypnotherapy, a patient is asked to imagine the unpleasant effects of smoking such as cigarette smoke leaving the mouth extremely parched or smells like a truck exhaust. Spiegel’s method is a popular smoking cessation hypnotherapy technique that focuses on the following ideas: smoking as poison to the body, the need to take care of the physical body in order to live and respect and protection of the body. Hypnotherapy is best combined with several techniques to help patients stop smoking effectively and religiously.
How I Became An Expert on Options
Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for anxiety because it can cause hypnotic relaxation as shows in slowed breathing patterns, decreased heart rate, muscle relaxation, calm and relaxed voice and rapid eye movement. It is a safe treatment for an anxiety since it is performed by a professional, and it offers a relaxed atmosphere and state with the patient lying down or sitting back. Hypnotherapy doesn’t have unexpected side effects and it is designed in avoiding escalation of anxiety symptoms such as rapid heart rate, rapid breathing and muscle tension.
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If you’re interested to undergo hypnosis, contact a professional hypnotherapy today for the treatment of anxiety and to help to stop smoking. We can help you find the best place where you can undergo hypnotherapy handled by a professional hypnotherapist.