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By | January 27, 2017

Premises Liability and Workers Compensation Law When a person gets injured in a premises due to negligence of the property owner, the person can apply for premises liability claims There are different forms of premises liability cases. These are some of the cases in which you should seek the help of a premises liability lawyer to get damages if you have been hurt. Common premises liability include slide and fall inside or outside the house. It is the responsibility of the house owner to make preventive measures against slide and fall accidents. It is not common for new structures to be made with slippery floors. However, if the floors are slippery, the owner should make sure that it is clearly and visibly labeled as slippery floors so that you can walk cautiously. If they are slippery, he ought to label the clearly and visibly labeled the floor as such so that visitors can know this and be cautious. A proof of negligence is required to help you claim benefits if you slide and fall on a property.
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Another case of premise liability is an injury by an animal such a dog bite. You could sue the dog owner or the security officers responsible for the dog.The owner of a dog should ensure that it is restricted to avoid hurting other people. You can be assisted to claim for benefits by a personal injury lawyer. These injuries can be sustained at home or business.
Questions About Services You Must Know the Answers To
Falls on impaired or poorly structured staircase is a common premises injury occurrence. It is considered an act of negligence for one to have movement structures that are not properly suited for smooth use. Should you be having such a structure back at home or business, modify it before someone gets hurt and you will be held responsible for it. Premises liability clause is applicable when building with structural problems hurts someone. The injured has a right to claim for damages. There are times in which there is an overlap between the premises liability claims and premises liability claims.This is the case when the employer has not taken the employee compensation over. In case the worker gets hurt due to a slide and fall in the workplace, he/she should get compensated under premises liability law.It also happens when another party other than the employer makes the employee slide and fall during work. The injured employee is protected by the premises injury law. Interestingly, it is possible for an injured worker to be compensated for the injury under two compensation policies. The person should be compensated by the landlord under the premises liability law if he is hurt while undertaking his duty due to negligent actions by the landlord rather than the employer. He ought to be compensated by the employer since he was hurt while on duty for lost income. You can only achieve this if a competent lawyer guides you through the process.