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By | January 27, 2017

A Guide to Natural Allergy Cures Our immune system acts immediately when a foreign body enters our system and it releases antibodies like histamines to fight the foreign substance. When our immune system releases these antibodies it causes inflammation which is called allergy in our body. You can find many allergy cures available in the market today. There are natural remedies that you can purchase without any prescription but as a precaution you should seek a doctor’s advice on any medication you will take for your allergy. Consider your environment also while you are taking your natural remedy for your allergy. If you have allergies make sure to avoid moist environment. The growth of molds, encouraged by moist environments is one of the causes of allergies. If you are to treat your allergies, make sure that your bed and carpet are clean. Certain foods can cause allergy but there are also safe foods. To help the allergy treatment you can also take a proper nutritional supplement.
The Essential Laws of Remedies Explained
Headaches, migraines which are allergy symptoms are the result of eating wheat and chocolates. These foods also cause hay fever, hives, childhood allergies, asthma, and eczema. Garlic and onion can be taken daily to treat allergies. Quercitin is known to be effective in curing allergies and this is found in garlic and onion. This substance reduces the production of histamine which causes allergies in us. Green tea extract which is rich in phytonutrients is used to ward off cellular attacks. Green tea extract is good to cut down cholesterol and regulate blood sugar and it is also anti-bacterial.
The Essential Laws of Remedies Explained
Bromelain can assist digestion of vegetable protein. Another substances that can cure allergies is papein which contains a great enzyme that breaks down protein. The acidic stages of the allergic reactions can be controlled effectively with Magnesium (citrate). You can also use this in treating asthma, which has strong bonding with allergies. Allergies can also be cured by calcium (citrate) which balances the acid and alkaline levels in our body. The production of histamine is reduced by calcium. Molds naturally grow in humid environments and to prevent its growth, it is good to use air filters and dehumidifiers. Natural antihistamines are found in onion, garlic and citrus fruits. Eating these will help prevent and cure allergies. Allergies can also be treated with natural nasal rinses. Proper diet can also control allergies. Not down all the foods that you eat. Certain foods can cause allergies but there are also certain foods that can help control allergies. There are food supplements that can help treat allergies. Natural histamines are taken to control allergy. It is important to note that the histamine released by the immune system is the what causes your allergic reactions. Causes of allergies are good to know. The baby’s sensitivity to allergy is determined by the baby’s eating habits during the first year.