2 Year Old Toys – Learning With Games

Two year age is a vital period for toddlers. Things that they learn at this stage of life often stay in their memories throughout their lifetime. Learning alphabets and numbers start during this year. Since a child will naturally spend a lot of time with toys, these can play a significant role in the learning process. As such, their toys must also be carefully chosen so that these provide educational entertainment to the children for hours.

There are several good choices for a two-year old child’s toy box, but some are better than others. We provide you here with a list of ideal toys for 2-year old kids. Have a look.

  1. Pull-along toys – These are absolutely great for toddlers of 2-years age. Researches have shown that any kind of pull-along toys are great for emotional development of little kids. Animal dolls with wheels under them are the best, as these also promote learning about the animal world.
  2. Toy cars – These are great for this age as well. Kids are often able to draw parallels between the cars they play with and those they see on the road. This can aid their learning process. Besides, they have loads of fun playing with these anyway.
  3. Building blocks – This is the time to introduce the child to the fascinating world of building blocks. Once the child learns how to build things by joining blocks, from houses to bridges, it is difficult to move them away from these toys. Besides, this greatly enhances their learning process. However, small sized blocks should be avoided at this stage, to prevent accidental choking of the child from swallowing small parts.
  4. Puzzle sets – This is the time to introduce the child to the world of puzzle solving. Kids of this age can have hours of fun solving puzzles. Besides, they also learn a lot from these games. With someone to guide them through the initial levels, kids can grow into expert problem solvers that can accelerate learning process in later years.
  5. Stacking toys – Be it a stack of rings to put on a stick or a set of blocks to be strung on a straight wire, stacking toys are great for a kid to learn about the order of arranging things. A grown up will initially have to teach the child how to arrange the things in ascending and descending orders. But as the initial stage ends, the child will have hours of fun imitating the process. Not only that, this improves the child’s motor functions, hand-eye co-ordination and helps him/her make tactile discoveries.

These learning toys are great for the second year of a toddler. These can help him/her learn something new through hours of fun.

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